Contemplation Consumed

Contemplation Consumed.jpg

Johanna Goodman, Natsuko Hattori and Lori Larusso

Through the perspectives of 3 artists--Johanna Goodman, Natsuko Hattori and Lori Larusso--Contemplation Consumed explores the idea of happiness in our daily lives.  Hattori's hand sewn sculptures of bursts of color symbolize transformation and intimacy of human spirit while Johanna Goodman's two dimensional paintings create a balanced atmosphere of order and form. These are tied together by Lori Larusso's flat perspective painting commentary on daily life through the consumption of food. Each work in the exhibition has a unique meditative quality created through the use of color and texture.

Contemplation Consumed is the first is the first of a series of exhibitions Jessica Porter will curate for The Yard.

January - April 2017