Order / Disorder

Yard Gowanus Front copy.jpg

Porter Advisory is pleased to present Order/Disorder, a group exhibition with Charlotte Corini, Andrea DeFelice, Spring Hofeldt and TJ Volonis.

In coordination with the launch of The Yard’s new workspace in Gowanus, Jessica L. Porter, independent curator and arts advisor, has brought together four artists local to the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn. Each of the artists--Charlotte Corini, Andrea DeFelice, Spring Hofeldt and TJ Volonis--balances order and disorder within each piece. Corini balances spatial depth and color to appreciate the perception of proportion and geometry in each of her paintings. DeFelice moves between and/or combines forms of media from mechanical sculptures, hacked and re-built to be autonomous or interactive to video, digital art, and code-driven works, using motion, effects, and interactivity to bridge perceptions of reality with those of illusion. Hofeldt offers a unique offbeat vision to the familiar through her orderly paintings capturing the whimsical, the critical and the beautiful in a simple setting. Volonis, by creating natural shapes---stars, planets, treelines--through copper, reconstructs each element into a distorted version of its counterpart.

“For a neighborhood [Gowanus] going through great change I thought it was important to take these local artists and represent some of that order and chaos that is part of a neighborhood in flux” says curator, Jessica L. Porter. The combination of the works of these four artists cultivate symmetry with The Yard’s new workspace to merge a changing neighborhood.

October 17, 2017 - February 23, 2018